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When they go to the supermarket, not everyone knows exactly what they want or need. Even if they’re seeking something specific, it doesn’t guarantee it’s the only thing they require. To put it another way, there is always something you can add to your main order. This is how cross-selling works in practice. Because the primary purpose of any online store is to sell products and make as much money as possible, it is your responsibility to guarantee that the appropriate circumstances are in place to achieve these objectives. It’s difficult to make attractive bundles that will be a fantastic complement to any purchase using the default Magento settings. Meanwhile, bundles are the most effective approach to get customers to buy more, resulting in a rise in overall income. Customers also like it when they can learn something new and fascinating while browsing your catalog. As a result, it’s a win-win situation for you and your customers: you receive more while they love buying on your website. The issue is that such a cross-selling plan cannot be implemented without the appropriate tools.

And we’re talking about today’s module, which allows you to create custom product kits and allows customers to see all of the connected items in one place. It’s a lot easier than you would imagine! Simply install the add-on and watch your sales increase. Let’s take a closer look at the features if you don’t trust us yet.

The main features, discounts

a bundle example
  • Make it simple and easy to understand. This choice reduces the cost of the product. Your customers will be able to immediately see how much money they are saving.
  • Covering a greater number of items in a more efficient manner. If you’re discounting products with significantly different costs, the fixed price discount may undervalue certain prices while overestimating others. A percentage discount deducts money based on the price of the products, more evenly spreading the incentives.
  • Make a variety of discounts for different professions. This is a more advanced option. The discount is tied to the product order of the customer’s kit. Assume you have the following items in your kit: A, B, and C. They may all be the major components of the kit, and they’re all optional. All three discounts are available: the first 10% discount, the second 15% discount, and the final 30% discount. Product A will receive a 10% discount, while product B will receive a 15% discount if the kit’s combination is AB and A is the customer’s main product. If the kit’s combination is CAB and C is the priority for the customer, product C will receive a 10% discount, product A will receive a 15% discount, and product B will receive a 30% discount.
  • Cross-selling is something that should be encouraged. The quantity of products contained in the kit determines the kit-relative proportion. This is especially useful if you have three or more items in your package, some of which are optional. Let’s pretend you have a kit with items A, B, and C. They might all be significant items, and they’re all optional. All three discounts are available: the first 10% discount, the second 15% discount, and the final 30% discount. If the kit’s combination is ABC, all of the goods, regardless of which is the customer’s primary product, will receive a 30% discount. If the kit’s combination is AB, both goods will be discounted by 15%, regardless of which is the customer’s main product.
  • Everything can be tailored to your preferences. This form of discount allows you to apply a separate discount type to each component in the kit. That way, you’ll be able to set the rules exactly how you want them. Let’s pretend you have a kit with items A, B, and C. They might all be significant items, and they’re all optional. Product A has a $20 USD discount. The price reduction for Product B is a kit-relative 5%. Product C comes with a ten percent discount. Product A will always have a $20 USD discount. Depending on where in the customer’s kit Product C is located, it will receive a discount of 20%, 5%, or 10%. The discount for Product B will be either 5% or 10% depending on the number of items in the bundle.

Improvements for discounts

  • The more appealing the pricing, the more likely this item will be purchased. This is a set of guidelines. It’s possible that the price of a package will not appeal to everyone. Simply circle it to make it seem nicer and appeal to more people! For instance, 98,83 appears sloppy, but you can round it up to 99.99, which looks much nicer and attracts more customers.
  • People are more likely to want a product kit when they notice actual benefits and the correct discount value. So show them how much money they can save by purchasing many items at once!
  • You may also include a bonus with a bundle to pique clients’ interest in such a wonderful deal. A one-hundred-percent discount is a wonderful approach to get people’s attention.

Flexible Customization

Smart Kits

Of course, individual goods may be manually included in bundles, but what about automatic bundling? According to the parameters you specify, this plugin may handle everything automatically. This is a highly useful and time-saving function, which is critical in the corporate world because time is money.

Limitless possibilities

It doesn’t matter how many or what sort of things you want to put in a single product kit because there are no limitations. A single item can also be added to several kits at the same time. With such flexibility, you may create amazing, fitting bundles for every type of customer.


suggestions settings

Another incredible feature is the intelligent algorithm that analyzes your order history to recommend the best product combinations. Use this option to forecast what consumers would want and then design a kit around it. You are not required to take any action! To build a kit, specify the number of items, order numbers, and the cost of the kit. It’s finally here! You may either pick the best-suggested version or change settings to get even better results after hitting the button.

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • You may receive dozens of product kit proposals with only one click.
  • Adapting the suggested items for kits with variable selection criteria
  • Creating product bundles based on your store’s sales history.


Customers may also participate in the design of the kits: 

  • These smart kits allow customers to select products that are more suited to their needs. This enhances the likelihood of a sale as well as the rate of buyer involvement, allowing them to enjoy the process.
  • Kits are not needed to be offered as a single item. People have the option of selecting which goods to purchase because they are unlikely to require everything at this time. This also improves the likelihood of consumers purchasing further goods.



Q: What is this module’s true purpose, and why do I need it?

A: The purpose of this plugin is to enhance order values by motivating and exciting individuals. When compared to buying items separately, bundles are usually cheaper, prompting customers to buy more. Your catalog and the items specified in it are used in product kits.

Q: Is it possible to construct product kits using an API?

A: The Product Kits module offers a graphical user interface for building product bundles in the Magento backend admin panel.

Additionally, our module has an API for building product kits that can be created programmatically. The GraphQl query language is used to do this. GraphQl is a standalone module that must be installed independently in the Magento shop. Existing users of the Product Kits module will have access to this module at no additional cost.

Q: Can a product be included as a free gift in a product kit?

A: This module may be used by a Magento 2 store to offer customers a bundled product as a free gift and visually notify them of the possibility. You may use the add-on to display a discount text, such as ‘Free Gift,’ and have it override the item’s price with a value of $0.0.


This article explains how the add-on works, includes examples of product press kits and gives you a better understanding of cross-selling. As you can see, bundles may raise your sales many times since seeing attractive discounts, intriguing ideas, and so on is a tremendous motivator. If you’re searching for a solution to help you become more famous and successful, give this plugin a go – you’ll be glad you did!

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