Magento 2 Improved Sorting

Meet the Magento 2 Improved Sorting Extension

It may seem like we live in total chaos and nothing or no one has a certain place in the world. And the point is that the order is what makes us feel comfortable, so that’s why we tend to organize and structure everything we see. It’s barely possible to find what you need in a mess. Imagine you walk into a room where things are everywhere and you can’t even reach some of them? What would you do? Thus, you should consider your catalog of goods a room that should be neat, clean, and organized. Otherwise, people will never find what they want, which means dreadful consequences to your business. You have to make your catalog as convenient and simple to browse as it’s possible. Do you think it’s a complicated task?

Actually, it doesn’t matter what you think because the module we are going to talk about right now can provide you with all the necessary tools to make navigation simple and enjoyable. Believe us, this will bring you a lot of profit. Are you into it?

How does it work and what does it offer?

First and foremost, let’s go through some non-essential features so we can get right to the point of the module. As a result, here are some handy extra features that will make your use more enjoyable:

  • The plugin increases the sorting options on search result pages. You may extend the range of basic Magento sorting possibilities by adding new sorting criteria to the search page. On the search screen, you may even modify the default sorting choice. As a consequence, your goods will always be presented in the brightest light possible, boosting your conversion rate.
  • Widgets. In different widgets, it is possible to modify the look of components. To achieve this, simply choose from the dropdown menu the relevant condition. Each widget can develop a method for its own sorting. Use Store Views to apply several criteria to the same widgets.
  • Take a peek behind the curtain. Before you apply any sorting criteria, have a look at how the items will be grouped to make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to. This may be used to discover more about a score’s details. Filter the product grid based on product attributes to find relevant products without having to manually search the product list.
  • The process of finding and fixing issues is known as debugging. Allow this mode to be enabled in order to figure out what’s causing the problems. Check to verify whether the score prediction is right. The data will be shown in a grid format. You may also lookup the location of a product.
debugging option example

Making your website more popular

The element of ranking is crucial to the search process. With this add-on, you may use any attribute as a factor, which improves search results and your company’s overall efficiency. Any factor can be set as a global parameter, which implies it will take precedence over all other factors. So, here are some traits you may select from:

  • Date. This module allows you to sort products according to the precise time of their entry and changes, contrary to the usual capabilities of Magento 2, which simply allow you to grade things from old to new. This helps offer fresh arrivals and information management to customers.
  • Attribute. You may apply one or more criteria, such as limitations on time, or something very special, to emphasize your particular products. To address the characteristics, go to the Admin Panel.
  • Image. If the search results page lacks photos, products should be removed to the bottom. Customers must be able to see how products appear before making a buy. Therefore, it is a clever concept to maintain the nicest, brightest, and most complete pages on top.
  • A product evaluation. We would rather trust other customers’ judgments on such issues because we cannot allow a lot of material to be read and several different versions of this item to be evaluated. In this way, we select the product with the most favorable evaluations, which explains why higher quality items should be given priority.
  • Best-sellers. You can also sort products by how many times they’ve been bought in a certain time frame. You may either advertise existing best-sellers or try to increase sales of less popular items.
  • Profit. Promote the goods with the highest marginality to earn revenue.
  • Rule. Because this component is made up of hundreds of characteristics or their combinations, the number of possible instances is limitless, giving you a lot of freedom.
  • Availability. This is without a doubt one of the most important ranking criteria. You may also sort goods by their availability or stock status. Filtering out out-of-stock items and putting them at the bottom of the page is perfect since customers cannot buy them and will not wait for a new shipment. If you want people to pay attention to the last few items, put them on the first tab.
  • Per view, revenue generated. Compare the number of times a product has been purchased to the number of times it has been visited to discover how involved your potential consumers are. Certain things are inconceivable in the naked sight. In the meanwhile, certain commodities, such as those that are very inexpensive to sell, receive a lot of attention.
  • Popularity. This element is connected to the product rating because it depends on the conversion rate. On the other hand, the aim is to raise sales or force backers to catch up.
  • Discounts. To get the best results, put goods with special prices at the top of the list.

How exactly does it affect the process of searching?

settings tab

You may sort your data in a number of ways via this module. You will design your own standards and criteria to fit the demands of your company. To make it easy and convenient, you may place rating components in the criterion. Depending on its efficacy, the module will award a score. By utilizing the preview option, you may see how your items seem to potential consumers.

  • The ultimate outcome was determined. The following approaches may be used to obtain the sorting score using the extension: 1. Using one-by-one variables. This method is linear when the series moves from A to B. The second sort of condition is sub-conditions. In this case, the module calculates the sum of all elements.
  • Standard criteria are used. Make a default choice for customers who provide the finest items to them. This boosts conversion rates and improves your shop look.
  • Mixing. When building a sorting criterion with numerous components, start with the most important and work your way down. The arrangement of these variables might be rather complex at times. They can be organized in two ways: ascending and descending. Customers will have more options, making it easier for them to select the most up-to-date products.

Additional Info

This program includes a number of appealing features, including free 90-day support, free lifetime upgrades, and a 30-day money-back guarantee. When you consider the cost, it makes the plugin a decent investment. This is because purchasing a dedicated extension is still less expensive than employing professionals. The only problem is finding a genuinely useful plugin that is well worth the money. Mirasvit, for example, has a product like this. Furthermore, the official webpage has a plethora of manuals and instructions, guaranteeing that even after the support time has finished, you will never be left in the dark.


Any visitor to your website comes there for a reason. And this reason is to buy something. Even if they haven’t decided yet to purchase any product, they are here for this possibility. In other words, they either already know what is needed or waiting until they figure it out. But if browsing is not convenient, simple, user-friendly, accurate, and enjoyable, it may happen that clients just turn around and go somewhere else where they can easily find something interesting. So your task is to not let it happen! That’s why a little plugin for sorting products in Magento is a thing you definitely need. Just relax and let the module do the work for you. Simple configuration, intuitive use, reasonable price, and many other advantages are already waiting for you!

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