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Make your clients happy with Magento Help Desk

When we’re in difficulty, we want someone to come to our rescue. Especially if we don’t know how to get out. It’s a terrible state of affairs when we have no one to turn to in a crisis. And it would be wonderful to know that no matter what happens, you are never alone. The same is true for your clients, because internet stores, business in general, and everything else are just facets of life that follow the principles of life. So, while buying at your business, everyone in the world wants to feel protected and secure. To do this, you’ll need a specialized support team made up of experts who can handle any problem. This team’s members must be quick, focused, and efficient. Otherwise, your customers will not get their concerns resolved in a timely manner, resulting in a negative reputation, decreased revenue, and so on. However, having a good support crew isn’t enough; you also need a good assistance system with the most up-to-date features. 

We also know where you can find one! Install the module we’re going to talk about right now to get the easiest and effective support. Let’s have a look at how it works.

Make yourself familiar with the capabilities of the plugin

This module enhances one of your store’s most important features: the customer service you give. It has a significant impact on your consumers’ return rate, which is critical. The features of this addon are sufficient to manage any support issues. You can keep your clients satisfied while also increasing your store’s production without wasting time thanks to their numerous and valuable features.

Simple to use

the interface
  • No complicated backend interfaces. The Help Desk MX interface makes managing assistance a snap. From a single tab, the administrator can see all of the issues and important data. Organizing tickets is a snap with the aid of the filter system. As a result, you may sort them by date, priority, client, and a number of other factors. If the criteria aren’t sufficient, try utilizing the keyword search tool to get the ticket you need. You may also customize the user interface to your preference, which is fantastic. To customize the addon, select what should be displayed. 
  • The user interface is simple to use. Because of its simple design, any user may easily figure out how to get assistance with this plugin. Customers do not have to fill out a long list of forms; instead, they must select the appropriate options for the tickets they generate, such as priority and department. It also allows you to attach files, which is important if you need to demonstrate the existence of a problem. This allows the support team to find answers more quickly!
  • These are the most convenient methods to contact us. It’s critical to allow people to contact your support team even if they aren’t authorized. Many folks may forget to log in or have never done so. The Contact Us button on the left, the Contact tab with a specific feedback form, and the Help Desk area for registered users are all ways for customers to contact the customer service department.


the email settings tab
  • The conversion is completed completely automatically. The option to attach email accounts to the desk is another valuable feature. All inbound emails may now be converted to tickets. This module recognizes and converts customer emails into tickets, which are subsequently routed to the Help Desk, using complex algorithms. This is especially helpful if you have a lot of email boxes for different departments, like technical and sales. Your customer service agents and support employees will no longer need to log in.
  • Customers often contact customer service to return things. Despite the fact that this is a support issue, RMA requests should be produced to help the support team organize their work. You don’t have to do anything because the conversion is automated. A request is routed to the appropriate extension after it has been transformed. 
  • SPAM Filtering By preventing spam from reaching your support team, you may save them time and effort. Set up filters to detect undesirable messages and remove them from any conversations. This may be done by mixing the header, subject, and body filters to produce a variety of different designs. In terms of time savings and productivity improvements, this strategy is quite advantageous.

Flexible Settings

  • Access. You can manage the permissions of various support departments and managers using the administrative interface. This is necessary for appropriately dividing duties and managing tasks, as well as ensuring that no one has access to tickets for which they are not accountable. As a result, you may wish to limit access to tickets pertaining to sales issues for your Sales support staff. 
  • Administration of the ticketing system. Customers may use a simple tab that displays the history of produced tickets to quickly examine, reply to, or close a problem. This is both convenient and time-saving. 
  • Adaptable settings are those that can be changed. Every ticket you receive will be under your complete control. The most important information regarding the ticket, as well as the most important action buttons, may be found on the General page: In response, change the ticket’s status/priority. Choose a different department to work in. The reply is delivered to the client if the settings are left alone, but it may be altered to go to someone else. What are the benefits of doing this? Customers are either unsure who to contact or are unable to reach the appropriate department or individual. Customers can be forwarded to third-party receivers to communicate with them in private messages or public forums with this plugin. Select the Other Ticket Tab to navigate from the current ticket to all of the customer’s tickets. You’ll find a list of all the requests you’ve made here. Additional information about the ticket may be found on the More page, which may be of interest to you right now. Managers may decide to change the emphasis of their problems and create new categories to make them simpler to find. 
  • The flow of work is guided by rules. To increase compatibility, set your own rules. Workflow rules are the most efficient way to automate specific processes and save time and money. You may, for example, tell the module to remove requests that haven’t received any responses from customers in a particular amount of time. Here’s an example of a useful rule: when a ticket receives a response, its status is altered; if a ticket does not receive a response within a certain amount of time, the customer is notified.

Additional functionality

  • Customer satisfaction polls After the problem has been resolved, inquire about your store’s customer service. This allows you to assess the service’s quality, rectify issues, and motivate personnel to achieve the best potential outcomes. Furthermore, such surveys give individuals the impression that they have actual power and that, if they are unhappy, they can make a change, which is critical in eCommerce. 
  • Notifications are sent through email. Send an email to your customers if there is something unique about each ticket. The plugin allows managers to add personal remarks to any client complaint. As a result, your clients are constantly up to date on the latest information. 
  • This is the foundation of all knowledge. Given that this isn’t the first Mirasvit expansion, it’s only natural that more will be released in the future. As a consequence, the Knowledge Base plugin may be used to let clients look for solutions directly on the page where they’re submitting their concerns. You don’t need to file a new ticket and add it to the support team’s work if you already have an answer in your knowledge base.
  • Reports. When it comes to growing your business, knowledge is essential. An analysis is one of the most successful ways of increasing store productivity and managing difficulties. In only a few clicks, you’ll have all the information you want. The module allows you to examine the number of freshly created and altered tickets, as well as the number of responses and solved tickets, as well as the time it takes the team to manage and fix an issue. Metrics and response rates for surveys. 
  • Components that are more comprehensive Your clients can easily fill out their concerns with the Magento Help Desk add-on, providing you with the most crucial issue-related information! Create new fields and add them to your request form to make tickets as detailed as possible and to make the resolution process move more smoothly. Request that your consumers offer you a cause to contact them or anything similar to speed up the process. This option can be found on the following tabs: a straightforward form; a distinct menu; a ticket production interface; and a pop-up window.


Without a doubt, this plugin is the best Help Desk for Magento 2 that supplies you with all the necessary features. With the help of this Mirasvit module, you can make your shop much better. Great support is important in eCommerce. Therefore, if you want to develop, this extension is your choice.

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