Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2

The best result with the Google Page Speed Optimizer for Magento 2 extension

How long does it take before your website loads a page? Do all pages load equally fast? If you can’t answer these questions without a doubt, it means you have something to think over. The reason is that it’s very important to make pages of your website load fast and with no delays. People have no time to wait because they have a lot of stuff to do in their lives, and shopping is not always the number one priority. This means that customers will always be choosing the most suitable variant where everything works properly. And if you have issues with one aspect, it may become fatal for your total revenue. So what are you going to do about it?

Relax and don’t look for information to answer — today’s module knows how to solve such problems. Just trust it and watch how your performance grows. It’s extremely simple to use this add-on, and everything you need to know regarding it is gathered in this article!

Optimize the speed in a few clicks

Let’s see what is slowing loading your website. After we have recognized it, we will know how to remedy the problem. As a consequence, all the most popular causes and how they would be solved are thought to be an excellent concept. And two main ways for enabling your website to run better are JS and CSS files management and image optimization. We would, however, want to start by providing you with a deeper knowledge of the possibilities of the module.

Keep in touch with the latest new

You have preliminary installed the PageSpeed Monitoring Tool. Test your optimization work with the Magento 2 page speed test. This enables you to analyze the situation in more depth and to solve problems without having to rush. Allow the plugin to collect the necessary data and supply it as easily as possible to you. The feature works great on desktop as well as mobile devices.

monitoring tool

The Command-Line Interface

This is an interface for a command-line that lets you perform things like You will need to utilize the command line if you can’t wait till the cron starts. You may use the control line to do activities like speed testing, picture optimization, photo recovery, etc. It might be incredibly beneficial when time is of the essence.

Speeding up your website by managing CSS and JS files

  1. A sophisticated JS file collection. Magento contains a lot of code in its JS files without add-ons. This is one reason that it does not provide consumers enough performance. If you are using this module, you’ll only load the JS files needed. The result is a seven-fold reduction of the weight overall and a three-times reduction of the number of loaded files. As a result, sites load much faster today. Make sure the Merge JavaScript feature is on to minimize the number of HTTP queries made while refreshing the page.
  2. No fonts, no videos are available. The loading procedure is slowed down considerably by a number of resources, such as embedded widgets or other stuff from outside. This isn’t a guarantee, if you don’t hesitate, that you get a good grade. The easiest way to load YouTube and Google fonts is to load essential sections. Consequently, while the loading time is reduced, the functionality of the website may be maintained. The Speed Optimizer handles all background loading.
  3. Fonts & Videos. Objects from third parties, such as integrated devices or other items, require many resources and significantly delay the loading process. It’s not a guarantee that you will obtain a good qualification when you do not hesitate. The easiest method is to load YouTube films and Google Fonts following major parts. Consequently, while loading time is reduced, the functionality of the website may be preserved. The Speed Optimizer handles all background loadings.
  4. Minification. As you may know, the amount of extra code a website loads is one of the most common reasons for speed problems. The Speed Optimizer employs several advanced algorithms to reduce the file size. For this procedure, minification is the word. This feature works simply: different JavaScript file types are added, and JavaScript files are removed, which is not essential. Unnecessary material like comments and symbols is removed in order to decrease CSS and HTML file size. As a consequence, pages load considerably more quickly. Separate minification file types can also be activated.
  5. Loading is a priority. This is the same as the previous scenario. CSS files that you do not require are loaded when a visitor clicks on a link on your site. As a consequence, the page is completely stopped. Simply prevention of such occurrences may arise when you install our add-on to load certain files in the background after the website is shown.
  6. Download the most important files in preparation. Major resources that can also be found in CSS and JavaScript files can be loaded even if they are not required. This is because browsers are unable to foresee if particular files are required or not. This will need a modification in the Magento page load speed. The choice for loading the module can be changed to start loading the most important files. This means that a page may be displayed in its entirety even if other files have not been loaded with a lower priority rate.

Take care of all the images on your website

  1. The photos have been compressed. The second fact that images cover over half of the page surface is intriguing. Is it not unbelievable what could be better if these numbers were lower? Since Google is benchmarking the average speed of a 3G connection, you might save up to 20% on file size, which is highly beneficial for mobile users. This module is much superior because it supports all the most prevalent picture formats. While Google advises you to use an 85% image improvement value, you may still utilize the quantity that best fits your needs. It is occasionally a good idea to further increase the compression rate. However, your option is entirely up to you. You may also fastly convert pictures into WebP format with this plugin, which dramatically increases loading times.
  2. It takes a long time to charge the photos. The default Magento will not enable you to view it fully until the pictures on the page are loaded. It’s not nice to wait for photographs, especially if your internet is slow. You are familiar with the answer easily. To postpone the loading of images, use the plugin. Don’t worry, they’re not going to stumble on a contentless website. All will be presented normally except for photographs substituted with unique placeholders. The photos are loaded further when the user interacts with the website.
  3. WebP is a supported format. What’s the latest WebP format version? It is a whole new format that retains the image quality with reduced bandwidth. The size of the photos is almost double that of standard formats. This is helpful. Therefore, WebP pictures should be utilized whenever possible. All pictures on this page are converted to WebP automatically using the Google tool. As a result of this conversion and comparison, the page speed score is not very high.
  4. It’s a great idea to preload pictures. Given the great number of high-quality images on today’s websites that can impact page rendering, it is clear we will have to deal with this also. For instance, background images might hinder the loading process substantially. The preloading images from devices instead of online storage or servers solve this problem. This method is not new and works the same way as the previous approaches.


Do you realize how amazing it is that you can make Magento speed up the page load just by purchasing one module? This means that you don’t have to ask someone to help you, waste money, or try to find the necessary information and methods on your own. Mirasvit has designed a unique product that deserves to be one of the best extensions on the market. Bring colors to your everyday routine with the help of a simple plugin that saves you from various problems. Everyone who uses your site will never choose another seller even if his or her shop is bigger, for example. And the reason is that your store works great and satisfies people with a great page loading speed. Don’t think too much and just try it out on your own!

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