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Magento 2: Follow-Up email as a powerful business tool

In all sorts of relationships, communication is vital. And if you feel that love is the only thing that is connected to relationships, you are wrong. You are linked with your customers if you operate an online store and how they are handled affects your business. It is essential to connect to your clients and satisfy their needs to establish a dedicated relationship between you to create money and expand your business. Speak to you to win people’s hearts: recall the biggest transactions, advise, etc. This will lead to substantial future benefits. It is therefore essential to provide customers with emails on time, notifying them of any interest they could have. This ensures maximum feedback and a high rate of conversion.

To keep automated tracking of emails continuing, you may use one of Mirasvit’s most popular Magento 2 plugins. You may thus handle all reminders, notifications, and other business correspondence of your customer. Don’t waste time on activities that can automatically be performed!

This module has too many things to show you

managing tab

Let’s proceed directly to the core of the essay without more delay, explaining the module’s possibilities:

  • Settings that were packaged together. The module is ready to use immediately after installation because it includes the following presets: All instances of abandoned cart recovery efforts include customer engagement, customer engagement, and sales follow-up activities. Turn on any of these campaigns to get started. You may also modify duplicates to meet your unique requirements.
  • Shopping cart abandoned (including guest checkouts). Most of the time, you neglect your shopping carts. With this module, customers may be notified automatically of abandoned carts. This increases your conversion and sales rate.
  • Reviews. Checks are highly important to online companies since they improve the confidence of goods and shops in general and also impact the ranking of Google. It is therefore a clever idea to encourage your users to submit reviews. As a consequence, the extension will not only encourage you to write a review upon making an acquisition but will also remind you several times later. You can also use the add-on to inform customers on the status of their assessments, such as whether or not a review was conducted, etc.
  • Emails for Win-Back. Attracting customers and expanding your customer base is essential, but don’t neglect your existing pals! You should compose an email to someone who has long been inactive, so they know they are still waiting. Let this module do your work and win back your previous, yet faithful, consumers with a little yet enjoyable reward, like a discount or a donation. Thanks to good customization, you may customize messages to ensure that you always send the right email to the right address.
  • Product recommendation. It is also a good idea to offer product guidelines based on what customers see, purchase, or like. Such product advice can help you boost sales. Their requirements are appreciated by people.
  • Wishing your consumers a happy birthday to demonstrate that you care. As stated above, it is important to have a dedicated relationship with your consumers. So, why should you not welcome them with some critical dates rather than with significant events such as birthdays? Tell them something beautiful and give them a voucher to send them back to your shop and buy more things.
  • Send the new goods an email. Send a message The add-on may send emails with product views from different points of view of the same product, which leads to higher sales and income.
  • Allow consumers to follow orders. Keep your consumers in contact with their orders. Send emails, letters with cross-sell goods, if the order status changes and inform clients of any changes as quickly as feasible.

Control Performance of Your Campaigns

  • The performance dashboard of each campaign, trigger, or letter. The dashboard is a requirement since it enables you to examine indications of performance and other vital data. This lets you track how your email campaigns are progressing and plan your next activities. The following can be shown on the dashboard: The CTR rate, the number of recommended orders and reviews, and the quantity of income are all important aspects that need to be taken into account.
  • Google Analytics reports. Reports. In addition to the built-in data, Google Analytics allows you to add unique UTM parameters for each email campaign using the Follow-Up Emails extension.
  • Site conforming to GDPR. By modifying our module to GDPR requirements, you can make your GDPR email campaigns entirely compliant. The plugin offers features such as target audience filtering, automated smoothing of email history, and automatic data collection from guest users.
  • The whole history of your campaign is available. See the whole history of each campaign in order to understand more about its state, trigger, address, date stamps, and other features. Use filters to view emails with similar values and characteristics. With the Magento follow-up email extension, you may wipe the history of the campaign automatically using the cron job.

Run Effective Email Campaigns

  • Send emails at the right time to the right people Because, unlike the ordinary Magento function the campaign is only activated under defined conditions, you can be comfortable that the corresponding letter is sent to the correct person at the correct time. Here are many instances of events that may be used as triggers: Events linked to users, for example, registration; cart events (e.g. abandoned cart); new order events; product-related action such as when a client looks for a certain product; wishlist activities – sharing/adding things. Thanks to the great versatility of the module, you can rapidly establish the email campaign target group with various criteria (number of orders, order status, personal information, and so on)
sending options
  • Check that your emails function. The capabilities of Sandbox will provide you with a comprehensive picture of how your emails will look, which is a great approach to enhance things.
  • It’s a wonderful method to spread the news by sending discount coupons through email. The plugin also takes an approach tailored to each customer and automatically generates coupons and gift certificates with expiry dates so that customers may be reengaged, returned, and spent.
  • You should call a halt to your campaign after you have accomplished your target. Don’t ignore the need to complete a scheduled email campaign. It is important to know if it is time to quit so that you don’t become too upset over others. In consequence, it will never send emails if the add-on no longer is required.
  • Make the automation of your email marketing more efficient. You can leave your field as long as it has sufficiently good performance indicators after it is set. This is a highly important and simple marketing tool for any merchant!
  • It’s not a smart idea to spam your consumers. It is another technique of being annoying to send too many emails. To prevent such situations, just limit the number of letters that may be sent during a certain timeframe. When the maximum has been reached, no more emails will be sent to the consumer until the deadline expires.

The appearance always matters

Little effort is needed for a superb visual design of the letter. Using this module, you can simply generate colorful themes for your emails and then utilize them to make your customization more versatile.

  • Creating emails with ease. With ease. You may create distinctive, colorful styles for your emails based on your current requirements by using the built-in editor. To obtain your wishes, utilize HTML 100 percent. In order to emphasize what is vital, use multiple headers, styles, and other features. You can simply check your letter previews with real-time changes on your PC and mobile devices.
  • Email templates may be managed simply. The user-friendly interface of the plugin makes it easy to manage email templates. A basic grid with all available templates allows you to pick what you need or to create a new template-based design.
  • Personalize the variables of your emails. With the assistance of more than 30 factors, you may personalize emails in various ways and they are useful in a range of scenarios. Including personal information from user profiles, include cross-sales information, and utilize whatever information you need to customize your emails. Just add a variable to achieve this in the most important part of the letter.
  • Speak in the same language to your consumers. Let’s not go into the linguistic barrier! You may either build unique triggers for every language or use translation algorithms to always talk to the individuals you try to target with this module in the same language.
  • Connect your accounts on social media. Include FAX and Twitter URLs in an attempt to make the letter more informative and less formal.
  • Put a one-click link to the shopping cart that is abandoned. Nobody wants to waste time remembering what was in their basket, so please allow your customers to restore their goods with just one click! As a consequence, people will be motivated to continue buying.
  • It is necessary to send cross-sell offers. A list of cross-selling items should contain emails. This is always a wonderful notion to improve your sales and total revenue.


You may use the best email extension for Magento 2 and automate such processes to guarantee that all your customers know what you want to say to them, boost your conversion rate and expand your business, and do everything yourself in time.

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