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Get better productivity with the Magento 2 Elasticsearch module

Making business is never simple because it requires time, knowledge, and a bit of luck. Today, in the era of technologies, there are a lot of different ways to create a successful company because you can find almost any information you need or find professionals who know how to help you. Besides, you don’t even have to leave your home. Thus, one of the most popular businesses at the moment is an online store. Many people sell goods via the internet. However, you have to take plenty of various aspects into consideration to do everything right. One of those peculiarities of online shops is the search feature. People must be able to find necessary items as fast and effortlessly as it’s possible. This means that you have to provide customers with the best search feature ever. Luckily for you, there is a good solution for you.

Magento allows its users to install different add-ons to improve their websites. The Elasticsearch plugin is capable of solving any search-related issue in a few clicks. You don’t have to do it on your own because the module is intuitive and user-friendly, and it can set everything up almost automatically. This will ensure the best search experience for all your clients. Why don’t we take a closer look now?


What is the purpose of this add-on? It deals with the search tool, as you may know, making it more advanced and convenient. However, if you’re inquisitive about the module’s structure and principles, it’s far easier to just go through all of the features and assess the module’s true potential and capabilities on your own. So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of this extension? In reality, Elasticsearch has a wide range of applications. Let’s go through each feature one by one to be sure you’re on the right track.

This plugin excels in terms of customization and versatility. Customers may find goods in milliseconds because of the foundation engine’s quickness. This is beneficial to your business since it has a significant impact on client satisfaction and sales volume. In terms of speed, the package presently comprises the following components:

  • For navigation, there are levels. This plugin, unlike a standard Magento MySQL request, which is sluggish and takes a lot of resources, speeds things up and reduces server overload.
  • Scaling. Large catalogs and high-traffic websites necessitate a different approach. This add-on utilizes a cluster to distribute data over several servers, allowing your website to run more smoothly.
mobile interface

The Auto-fill function is next, which helps customers save time by completing searches much faster. In the expansion, customers are encouraged to choose from a variety of options, which anticipates future purchases. As customers type in a product name, the TypeAhead feature analyzes the most popular requests in the store to help them choose the best option. A quick mode is available to Elasticsearch users. What are the benefits of having this capability?

  • The most common searches made by people. Everyone can see what the great majority of people desire as a result of this. To locate special discounts or the most popular goods, use the top search rankings.
  • While you’re on the road, it’s ready to use. Compatibility is typically a key asset in today’s world. Smartphones and tablets are considerably more popular than PCs. As a result, this feature is quite useful in mobile versions.
  • It’s simple to use. Select the type of information you want to see in the search results.
  • It’s critical to have a diverse collection of resources. This search returns not just product names, but also other information. Users, for example, may be able to find the needed page fast.

Thanks to the Elasticsearch Magento 2 plugin, you can control more than just searching. There are also a few highly useful features that will allow you to develop and earn more money:

  • Reports. One of the most important aspects of a company’s success is data gathering and analysis. Changes can be foreseen, and solutions for avoiding problems can be found via analysis. As a consequence, this plugin gives you the information you need, such as the most popular search keywords or the top search results. If you know how many requests and clicks you have, you might be able to enhance your results by changing your settings.
  • Redirecting. What makes you think the destination is more important than the journey itself? It would be terrible if clients couldn’t find their way to your establishment. All 404 error pages are monitored and maintained to guarantee that your potential clients never see a 404 error page. Rather than arriving on the erroneous site, all visitors are quickly redirected to the provided URL. Customers are more likely to remain and explore your business if this page has related goods. This technology saves you not only time but also money. If you search for a single result, this add-on will also direct visitors to the correct location.
  • Landing pages are distinct from the rest of the site. To improve SEO, you can create different pages with their own unique information that looks to be the same. This is more often required to control the flow and manage the product catalog. You might, for example, create pages for specific requests that only show related products. A wonderful feature may be put to a variety of purposes. Landing pages are useful and advantageous since they make them simple to use and run. Use caution and keep an eye on these sites to make sure they don’t become confused.

How does this module enhances search?

Because it analyzes all searches and provides users with intriguing options, this feature knows precisely what you want. Material that can be read on the first page should always be included to persuade customers to stay. After making a specific request, you may also change the placement of various things on the page.

Morphology is another essential factor to consider. It’s possible that individuals will make mistakes, which would result in no search results, which would be regrettable. This is unacceptably dangerous. The plugin makes use of cutting-edge technologies to offer you morphologically relevant comparable search results.

Let’s have a look at the many search options offered by this plugin:

  • There are a number of other options available as well. For whatever reason, you may not have the required products in stock right now. To avoid upsetting clients seeking this item, in particular, the module provides the most comparable results currently accessible.
  • Apps that are in some manner connected. Another approach to make an educated decision is to show what other consumers prefer in the same manner you do. This collection of questions might serve as a consumer guide.
  • A drop-down menu allows you to choose from a variety of languages. It’s also worth noting that these traits are expressed differently in different languages. This provides a flexible basis for the Elasticsearch add-on.
  • Code. Look for things with distinct symbolic codes. Because Internet users can search up SKU and ISBN numbers, the process is sped up.
  • Stop words. Another tool that assists consumers in finding exactly what they’re seeking, even if their request does not match what’s already accessible. To improve the precision of your search, just create a list of terms.
a list of stopwords
  • Autocorrection. All misprinted requests are ignored without this plugin. Meanwhile, the module corrects any erroneous terms automatically, ensuring that customers get the best results possible.
  • Use the Sitelinks Search Box to find what you’re looking for. This function enables people to locate your business directly from the Google search results page, which is quite beneficial in terms of overall conversion rate.

Any content that appears in your shop’s web version can be found. In other words, if it exists, you may seek it out. As a result, every user that visits your website will find online purchasing to be far more convenient and pleasant. See the following list of probable content categories for further information:

  • Additional third-party plugins are also available. Other systems and plugins’ material can also be scanned by this module. By combining Magento’s capabilities with those of other sources, you may be able to get greater outcomes with extra plugins. 
  • You were the one who conceived of this concept. Join data sources that your consumers think would be beneficial. As a result of the addition, this material appears in the search results.
  • During the search process, all product attributes are taken into account.
  • Customers may see all of the matched categories.
  • Customers can use the extension to see the values of the characteristics they’ve chosen.
  • It created pages for the content management system. Furthermore, all pages connected to the request are shown.


As you can see, the search feature has a great influence on the overall productivity and quality of your eCommerce enterprise. So, it makes the Elasticsearch Magento add-on a pretty reasonable and profitable purchase. Give customers what they want to ensure a loyal relationship between you and them. This will help you make more money and be a reputable, reliable, and respectable seller.

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