Affiliate Program for Magento 2

Magento 2 Affiliate Program for newbies

The possession of an internet shop is a great company requiring special understanding and knowledge. There are lots of setbacks to make your business successful and competitive. There are also many methods that sales and money may increase in this area. Today, we’re talking about affiliates that may help you develop your company. The difficulty is the lack of a decent alternative for third-party services dealing with affiliates, especially if you are not confident of your shop’s affiliates’ potential. It is because they are paid, and if something goes wrong, you risk losing money. It seems like a horrible picture, isn’t it? You think about what you can do to decrease risks and achieve your objectives.

Simple and safe is our solution. You may build a good affiliate program with this plugin without further assistance. Set the module to your needs and get the results. The user-friendly and easy usage is nothing complex. But the most significant characteristics and principles of functioning must be looked at to make up one’s decision. So let’s just go! Let’s go!

Features of the module

Now, it is time to go a bit closer to the features — the most interesting and important part of any extension. According to their specifications, we split the features into numerous blocks. You are happy to find that this plugin is so complicated and helpful!

Promotional Programs and special content for promotion

  • Program pay-per-sale. An associate receives a commission for every order placed with a suggestion. For example, you can only pay commission for high margins items, which products are qualified for commission.
  • Program Pay-per-click. A commission is given to an affiliate for each visit through an affiliate link, banner, or widget.
  • Program pay-per-lead. An affiliate earns a commission following each lead action, including a sign-up or newsletter subscription.
  • Programs for pay-per-printing. An affiliate receives a committee depending on your banner views.
  • Hidden programs. Depending upon the number of people that see your banners, an associate is rewarded. You may develop and manually assign hidden programs to particular affiliates. All affiliates are immediately assigned to all visible programs.
  • Membership groups. You can categorize and allocate various commissions or programs to individual categories of companies. You may assign affiliates to different membership categories in a few seconds.
  • A reference link. A unique code and a link to your company is provided to each affiliate. The traffic and orders of the affiliate are measured using the code in the link via the extension. The amount of remuneration is shown to the affiliate for each of its unique reference links. For every Magento affiliate program in which they engage, information is presented.
  • References banner. You may create several banners in the admin interface for different landing pages. Then you may put such banners on the affiliate website to refer to your store’s traffic or orders.
  • Referral widgets. Affiliates cannot change banners, but widgets may be changed! Editorial size, title, number of commodities, category of product and so forth.
widget settings
  • A referral coupon. Coupon. An affiliate can also supply a specific promo code for referenced orders. Coupons may offer different savings according to the rules in the shopping cart.

Don’t forget about the backend side


The Affiliate plugin puts the most useful information directly on your dashboard! You can look at:

  • Active affiliates for the past week
  • Total affiliates number
  • Visits
  • Revenue
  • Charges
  • Top-5 affiliates
  • Latest activity

See the most important information wherever and whenever you need

You may add banners and monitor statistics concurrently using the backend interface. Here you may find the parameters:

  • Click Number
  • Many impressions
  • CTR Banner

This is the greatest approach to discover your weaknesses and resolve problems which increase overall productivity and help you make more profit.

No complications upon withdrawing

  • Withdrawal is part of any affiliate program, and it is vital to guarantee that there are no future difficulties and difficulty in a smooth and simple withdrawal procedure. How can you withdraw cash? PayPal. Skrill. Credit Store (Special extension is needed).
  • The workflow was clear. Clear. There are 4 withdrawal status to allow consumers to track what is currently happening: Pending, accepted or refused, finished.
  • Minimum amount to be deleted You can specify a minimum amount of withdrawal. Consequently, a member is eligible to withdraw if this criterion is achieved.
  • Retirement history. This solution is highly versatile, which allows you to view withdrawal history and even withdraw from the background manually!

View your balance and all transactions at ease

balance and all transactions

Thanks to the Affiliate extension, your affiliates will have a clear and transparent history of transactions. Export transaction history into CSV and Excel XML files without any danger of hidden fees account activity or illegal withdrawals that are undetected and unregistered with one of Magento’s top affiliate programs.

  • Workflow of the Commission. Check if a commission is to charge the add-on. Specify only legislation to accomplish this. You may also, if you choose, cancel fees in the same way.
  • Holding time of the Commission. You can opt to hold a transaction for a particular amount of time. Till it’s checked, for example.

Advantages you will get

We think the greatest approach to show that something is excellent is to inform you about the benefits. We have thus opted to start by outlining the benefits so that you may find reasons to read on.

  • Your shop implements the most popular affiliate advantages.
  • The capacity to specify retirement limits in a number of different ways.
  • Members who are creative people have advanced possibilities.
  • Members may see the regulations of earning at a glance.
  • A simple commissioning process is demonstrated.
  • Automate affiliate promotion to the next level.
  • An affiliate may withdraw funds using its Store Credit Account.
  • You and your affiliates always have access to the history of transactions.
  • Take over withdrawals if required.
  • The option to provide commissions or discounts just for certain items or categories
  • Your clients may now participate in initiatives to earn money!
  • Four distinct software types: Pay By Sale, Pay by Click, Pay Per Lead, Pay by Print
  • 4 possibilities for placement: Link, banner reference, widget reference, and coupon reference.



Q: What are the regulations for buying? Does it just count if a client is signed in or even if a guest account is used?

A: You need to understand the functioning principles of the plugin in order to answer this question. The objective is that a special discount is used to attach new clients to an affiliate. This indicates a transaction is conducted using a specific connection/voucher to complete the purchase. Unregistered users thus cannot process the commission and finish the procedure using the module. However, there will still be those who clicked on the link.

Q: How can a member be removed from my program?

A: Currently, current customers cannot be rejected from the affiliate program. When you click on the affiliate link or use a coupon, our extension links long-term customers to affiliates. After then, commissions will be paid to the affiliate for all transactions that follow the customer.

The plugin may be utilized by a company owner to allocate all of the present users of the shop to their membership account. The link provided by another affiliate cannot be used by existing customers. This affiliate is connected only to new consumers.


No doubt, this extension is the ideal approach to start the greatest affiliate program in Magento 2. And if you care about your business, you’ll have to test this module if you’re prepared to market it and get more profit, then nothing to talk about. In addition, the price of this module is rather reasonable and probably lower than the cost of third-party services. A good investment is always worthwhile and when you are an entrepreneur, you should understand clearly that you need this investment. You will also get excellent benefits, including a money-back guarantee and 90-day free support thanks to Mirasvit’s politics. In addition, any updates which are often issued are free for life.

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