Advanced Reports for Magento 2

Magento advanced reports — one step ahead

In your life, how important is information to you? Knowledge is the key to getting greater success in any endeavor. Information may be far more precious than money at times. However, in terms of business, these two elements are inextricably linked. The reason for this is that understanding all of the most recent market and shop activity news is critical to determining which path to take in terms of growth. If there are any problems with your website, you must be aware of them. You must be aware of any changes in the world in terms of trends or other marketing factors. This will assist you in avoiding income loss and maintaining the greatest possible sales rate. The difficulty is that it’s not simple to keep track of this data on your own, even if you use Magento because the basic capability appears to be insufficient to provide you with all of the information you need.

Fortunately, there is a simple yet quite effective tool that can provide you with all you want. Install a simple plugin with the most important reports for any eCommerce business. There will be no problems in usage because of the user-friendly navigation, which means you won’t need any particular abilities to figure out how the add-on works. Simply by installing it, you may become an expert!

Easy to start and simple to use!

the dashboard

The most important feature of advanced report is that all the facts needed to enhance overall productivity and sales are included. Unlike the main functions of Magento, this plugin uses the most up-to-date facts and statistics with all data, including data that is available with no add-ons. For every eCommerce firm, this is an absolute necessity. So, just what about the use? It is easy to learn how to use the program if it is necessary because it already includes a range of reports that are ready to use to meet your demands. From different viewpoints, you may view your sales, orders, and clients. You know where you have to improve. As a consequence, in some areas, you will have a great chance to get additional information about your sales. By clicking on the function you may utilize this to produce a unique and dynamic virtual map for each area. If you need to look at smaller areas, you can adjust the map as required. Due to the fact that it provides an overview of sales, transit, and customers, country filters are your organization’s most significant tool.

Furthermore, the plugin allows you to modify current templates or even build new ones, giving you more freedom in terms of possible setup. Use the integrated tool to build a report with a user-friendly design and useful qualities if you want to produce something unique. You have total control over what you see, allowing you to arrange everything exactly the way you want it. Each business has its own set of secrets, as does each approach. Simply copy one of the previous reports and change the parameters to generate a bespoke report. You may adapt analytics to your unique needs with this degree of accuracy by using the sophisticated Magento Advanced Reports plugin. Here’s how you may alter existing templates to create fresh new reports that fit your requirements:

  • Sales can be chosen depending on a number of criteria. To track your sales and inventories in general, for example, you may pick two dimensions. You may search for and track what you want using the SKU, which is a unique identifier for each item. If you’re interested in learning more about a certain item. In this case, the quantity of orders is the second dimension. You’ll be able to observe how frequently particular items are purchased, as well as the exact quantity of commodities purchased in various orders, using this method. If you utilize data and customer group filters, you may filter sales or customers who buy your goods over a certain time period. This enhances or worsens your mood while also allowing you to have a better knowledge of your clients. What is your favorite time of year? Who prefers to spend more on weekends and who prefers to spend more during the week? These strategies have the potential to boost sales tenfold.
  • Report on Total Costs If you need to calculate total income over a period of time, you may categorize the items by characteristics and pick from a variety of options. This might come in handy in a variety of scenarios.
  • Items have been removed. You don’t have many products, and you can’t meet your customers since you don’t have much to sell. This might lead to a decrease in sales, resulting in a financial loss. This report will tell you whether rehabilitation is necessary.

Of course, the greatest way to find out what you’re capable of is to put yourself out there and attempt it. However, because you are already familiar with the product and why it exists, we believe that explaining its potential and allowing you to consider it is the best approach. So, what can we expect from the Magento Advanced Reports extension? There are a plethora of useful features available, so let’s go through them one by one, beginning with the most vital and working our way down:

  • Dashboards that are interactive as well as useful. This plugin allows you to customize your dashboard to make it easier to get the information you need. You may personalize your dashboard by changing the widgets. This helps you save a lot of time and money. In comparison to the basic dashboard, the advanced dashboard provides more important data. It’s also possible to share the dashboard without having administrator privileges, which is a fantastic feature. Connect to a dashboard and see all you need to know.
  • Clustering on a variety of levels. Based on your choices, you may now categorize your data and generate tables in various dimensions. This feature improves overall performance and frees you up to focus on more essential activities. The standard Magento version never allows users to enter data by selecting parameters without the use of extra plug-ins.
  • New columns have been added to the table. The ability to create additional columns is far more than the number of normal columns, which is more than enough for most applications. With the columns you generate, you may compute as many more columns as you like. Use XML setup to add a column.
  • Viewing options are available. Users may also personalize the add-on to ensure that they get the greatest possible experience. You have a choice of charts to select from, including the histogram. To display categories, you may use columns. You may also give each transaction status to make it simpler to keep track of them.
report builder’s interface

Available for mobile devices

We all use our phones for a number of purposes these days, from communication and entertainment to commerce and business. The mobile business has developed substantially in recent years, simplifying our lives. The employment of huge computers to monitor the news is no longer necessary. Every mobile device, including the plugin we’re talking about, has a function that should be optimized fairly. You may check your smartphone reports at a considerable discount. For those who are constantly on the road, this is a must-have tool. Dashboards may be viewed by using the camera on your smartphone to scan QR codes. You could be confident that important updates or other information will not be missed.


Now, you see how useful advanced reports Magento offers with this extension are. With the help of such important information, you can avoid a lot of problems and become the best seller on the internet. Today, information is even more valuable than money, as you already know. However, the most valuable resource is still time, which means you should always be concerned about how much time you have and how to increase the amount of free time. Thus, by installing this add-on you solve multiple issues simultaneously. The plugin helps you forget about routine work and makes you enjoy operating your website.

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